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Craniosacral Therapy:

Craniosacral Therapy involves light touches on the bones of the skill (including the face and mouth), spine and pelvis to release tension and improve body movement. This therapy is a variation of chiropractic and osteopathic medicine. It is believed that gentle pressure on the above mentioned areas increases the flow of cerebrospinal fluid and can cure or help a number of ailments.

Craniosacral therapists say that there is a link between the fulid in the head and the sacrum (the base of the lower back) and that the rhythm of the fluid that flows between these areas can be detected like a pulse. They claim this treatment normalizes, balances, and gets rid of blockages (obstructions) in various system throughout the body. With these blockages removed, the body can function in a healthy manner.

Therapists believe that this therapy can be used to help relieve headaches; neck and back pain; problems with the temporomandibular joint (the hinge of the jaw, often called the TMJ); chronic fatigue; poor coordination; eye problems; depression; hyperactivity; attention deficit disorder; problems with the central nervous system, the immune system, and the endocrine system; and many other conditions.

The treatment involves pressure or manipulation of the bones of the skull. Sessions last from 30 minutes to an hour.

Who Can Benefit from CranioSacral?

- Colic
- Ear infections
- Sleeplessness
- Hyperactivity
- Birth trauma

Children/Young Adults/Adults
- Asthma
- Negative behavioral issues (Tourettes, OCD, tics, body jerks, etc.)
- Digestive issues
- Brain injuries
- Cerebal Palsy
- Autism
- Emotional distress
- Assist with transitions/changes
- Focus/Attention Span
- Trauma
- Relationship Issues
- Migraine headaches
- Chronic fatigue syndrome

Many have also received the following benefits:
- Relief from Migraines
- Release of Depression & Grief
- Release of Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
- Relief of Sinus Pressure and Pain
- Loosening of Tight Muscles and Joints
- Release of Muscle and Joint Pain
- Balance in the Emotional and Physical Body
- Gain of Clarity
- Positive change in behavior patterns, thus leading to improvements in relationships and quality of life
- Awakened Life Purpose and Passion
- Reduced Stress, Anxiety, and Fear
- Improves the internal environment for the brain, spinal cord, and central nervous systems

How CranioSacral works for Autism (and other behavioral and emotional issues):
- Restores the Autonomic Nervous System's flexibility and adaptability
- Enhances flow of blood and fluids throughout the body
- Improves the internal environment for the brain, spinal cord, and central nervous system


Dr. William G. Sutherland developed cranial ostopathy in the early 1930s. John E. Upledger, DO, derived craniosacral therapy from Sutherland's work and developed it in the 1970s. Upledger opened the Upledger Institute of Florida in the 1980s, where thousands of people attend his program every year to learn about releasing stresses in the skull and the membranes around the brain.

Help for children with Autism:

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) has been proven to be one of the helpful alternative therapies for autistic children. The therapy is based on the idea that the entire nervous system of the human body is in constant thythmic motion. Once some of those movements are restricted, symptoms like headaches or depression appear. While working with a child with autism, the inital focus is often on the cranium to locate an area that has the greatest motion response to the craniosacral rhythm. Delicate relase and pumping techniques are used to create more motion in that area. CST is by no means a "cure" for autism, but according to parents of autistic children, this therapy does make life better for their child by improving socialization, speaking ability, ability to connect with others, increased eye contact and more.

CST also works well in the treatment of ADD (attention deficit disorder), ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), Asperger's Syndrome, and PDD-NOS (pervasive developmental delays, not otherwise specified).

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