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Traditional Naturopath • Licensed Massage Therapist • Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500) • Certified Reflexologist •
Cranial Sacral Therapist • Cupping Practitioner • Reiki Master & Teacher • Tuning Fork Practitioner •

Raindrop Therapy Practitioner • Digestive Enzyme Therapy & Nutritional Counseling • EFT •
Spiritual / Holistic Mentor • Bach Flower Therapy • Deep Tissue Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Bach Flower Therapy Consultation:

The cost for your 75 min initial phone consultation is $75.00.
(which includes your first bottle of Bach Flower Remedy!)

Once you have paid for your consultation, We will need you to send me an email including the following information in order for us to get started. Please include:

What you hope to gain from Bach Flower Therapy.
A description of the positive and negative things happening in your life.
How you currently deal with the stresses and challenges in your life.
What it is about your life that you would like to change.
Any other information about yourself you feel would be helpful to us.

After we receive this information from you, we will email you a questionnaire to fill out and send back. In addition to the information we get from you, your answers to these questions will aid in determining and creating the correct formula of Bach Flower Essences that is right for you.

The questionnaire is based on the original research and writings of the noted British physician Dr. Edward Bach. All of the information you provide to Vital Energy Services is kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

Once you receive your first Bach Flower Remedy, it is important that you take it exactly as directed in order to get the maximum benefit from it. It is not harmful to you in any way to take more that is directed, but you still need to allow some time for it to build up in your system.

After it has had a chance to do this, your body chemisty will change and you will start to feel better than you did when you first started. That is why follow-up consultations are so important so we can determine what you still need help with and adjust your formula accordingly.

The cost for each follow-up phone consultation is :
$30.00 per 30 minute session.

If you prefer, we can also do consulations in-person. This method allows us to give you a more personalized approach to your treatment program as you progress through your consultations.

The cost for your initial in-person consultation is $90.00.
(which includes your first bottle of Bach Flower Remedy!)

The cost for each follow-up in-person consultation is as follows:
$45.00 per 30 minute session.

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